Project Description : IOT Enterprise Messaging Bus

The client had a number of different types of proprietary wireless devices that collected data and had to regularly report daily information for billing and monitoring purposes. These different type of devices used different communication networks to relay its data, from cellular network, localised and private low frequency data radio-networks (Sqwidnet, Sigfox). 

These devices reported their daily batches of data at times that is more cost-effective which resulted in high-peak loads through the system. 

Developed a Java based multi-threaded application, designed to service several ESB Topics and Messaging Queues. Several types of messaging queues were catered for – each type of queue can translate and service specific protocol types and translation. When routing messages between the different type of queues protocol translation is done. Edge systems could subscribe to either queues to ensure guaranteed delivery of messages resulting in a less complicated scheme.

An open source messaging platform has been used and deployed on Ubuntu. Goal was to be able to support downtime with the minimum message loss. messages not fetched by edge client systems were safely stored in queues until collected by different edge subsystems.

Project Details

Important Points

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